Financial Planning

Financial Planning

What is Financial Planning?

According to PTIC INDIA (Financial Planner in Delhi), Financial Planning is a proper management of your income through which you can meet your financial goals in life. We all have many short, medium and long-term financial goals in our lifetime. These goals can include owning a dream house, buying a car, saving for child’s future and higher education, getting your children marriage and planning for a healthy retirement.

To achieve these goals, Financial Planning plays an important role in our life. Financial Planning does not mean to Save Big, Spend Less nor you need lots of amounts to invest. It totally depends on your prioritized financial goals and how you achieve them through a proper financial plan. A good Financial Planning gives you a right path and greater clearness in life to take your financial decisions. It helps you to make a proper balance between your present and future way of life.

Basically, you can make your own financial plan, but if your needs or goals are more complex than you might need a financial planner. In Financial Planning process, it revolves around six steps that help you to make a proper Financial Plan.

  • Establish your short, medium and long-term objectives in life.
  • Look and write down the assets, resources, and liabilities you have.
  • Check out your current financial position and how close you are to accomplish your objectives.
  • Set up a proper plan to achieve your different financial goals.
  • Implement your plan – roll out the improvements and get it going.
  • Monitor and review your plan on the yearly basis and make modification when required.

Before starting Investment, Check your Financial Health.

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Benefits of Financial Planning:

Sometimes people misjudge the reason and advantage of Financial Planning. They think it is for them, who want to take retirement or for older people, or for wealthy people. But according to PTIC, Financial Planning is all about helping individuals, families and as well as for big firms to realize their dreams and achieve their goals by managing their assets and resources. Finance Management does not come naturally or easy for everyone. Whether you have little experience with your finance management or you are not sure how to handle your costs or expenses, a Financial Planner (like PTIC INDIA)might be helpful. Here are some benefits of Financial Planning:

> Help you to manage your income, tax payments and other expenditures.
> Increase your capital by increasing cash flow.
> Achieve your short and long-term goals.
> Secure you and your loved ones.
> Secure the future of your Children.
> Help in the time of Emergencies such as death or illness.
> Give you a comfortable Retirement Life.

At PTIC, we give you a better understanding of your financial position, what your choices are and a plan to help you get to where you need to be. We have specialization in helping clients, handle issues and make the most of opportunities to protect and grow their wealth. We can help you to create your financial plans, investment portfolios and manage your wealth that meet your personal and professional ambitions.

Who is a Financial Planner?

A Financial Planner (as PTIC INDIA – Financial Planner in Delhi) is Certified Financial Professional who helps individuals, families, and Corporations to reach their financial goals and dreams. aA A Certified Financial Planner analyzes the clients status and helps the client to achieve his financial goals. In short, Financial Planner help you to increase your net worth and accomplish your financial objectives.

What does a Financial Planner do?

Financial Planner helps you to organize your finance or wealth, expenses, savings and prepared you for the future. He helps you to make a decision with your money, so you can achieve your financial goals.

At PTIC, our experienced financial experts follow step by step to achieve financial goals:

  • Meet the client personally and gather client’s status data, that includes client’s profile, net worth, expenses, assets, liabilities, financial resources, insurance, lifestyle preferences and goals.
    We have a tool, where you can Check your Financial Health Online.
  • Analyze the report and provide the best financial service that fulfills their short-term and long-term goals such as education expenses, marriage, and retirement.
  • Educate our client about the investment options and explain how much you need to save.
  • Help to choose Retirement plan to use and improve tax situation.
  • Research different investment opportunities such as tax planning, asset allocation, risk management, retirement planning and estate planning.

We keep observe the client’s investment and mail them the report. Usually, we met our every client at least once in six months and update them about their potential investments.

Good Finance habits to manage your income:

  1. ‘INCOME’ minus ‘INVESTMENTS’ and the remaining is for ‘EXPENSES’.
  2. Spend money considering future financial objectives and present expenses.
  3. Check accounts statements regularly.
  4. Start a Retirement Plan (401{k} or IRA Account).
  5. Save regularly in good financial products.
  6. Monitor and review investments regularly.
  7. Read Finance related articles to make intelligent financial decisions.
  8. Avoid buying and collecting credit cards and make less use of credit cards.
  9. Prioritize to make payments of your debts on time.
  10. Project your income & expenses for the next 12 months and track changes.
  11. Focus on risk-reward ratio while making investments.
  12. Have a financial plan & a purpose for investing.