Steps to Get Full Fledged Benefits of Health Insurance

Steps to Get Full Fledged Benefits of Health Insurance

Steps to Get Full Fledged Benefits of Health Insurance


Are you using your health insurance wisely? Do you know there are various benefits of your health insurance that are not being used? In order to make you fully aware below are some of the benefits that will help you get full-fledged benefits of health insurance.

  • Maternity Cover: One of the most useful benefits that one can avail is this. You should definitely go for this if u planning to start a family soon. You may not know this but some big providers are giving reimbursement for vaccination of newborn along with maternity cover.


  • OPD Expenses: Present health insurance policies are reimbursing your OPD expenses for you contrary to the conventional policies. In the conventional ones, you had to stay in the hospital for a day minimum to get the reimbursement. So this is definitely a plus for you.


  • Tax Benefits: Under the income tax act section 80D, people can claim tax benefits. And since the sum of money is not an income, it is exempted from tax. The benefits can go up to Rs. 50000/-


  • Cashless Hospitalization Expenses: This ensures that one need not worry about the immediate cash arrangement. Most provide a network of hospitals offering cashless hospitalization.

Above listed were some of the common benefits that are availed. Now let’s see some of the benefits that go unnoticed and hence unused.

  • Treatment Taken at Home: Many insurance providers give coverage of the treatments done at home. Although it is generally thought that expenses will be reimbursed if they were incurred at the hospital. This is only partially correct.


  • Alternative Treatments: Health insurance providers have started covering alternate treatments like Homeopathy, Yoga, Ayurveda, and Naturopathy. This has been done since recently due to the rise in popularity of these treatment methods.


  • Convalescence Benefit: This is one of the most useful benefits one can come across. In this, the person gets a lump sum amount of money to cover the loss for the time the person was unwell.


  • Free Health Checkups: People can benefit from free health checkups that are provided by health insurance providers. The method and the frequency may vary as per different policies.


  • Expenses related to Organ Donor: As we know, getting an organ transplanted take a lot out of the person not only physically but also financially. The good thing is the insurance policy covers the surgery, hospitalizations charges along with the expenses of the donor.


  • Daily Hospital Cash Allowance: Few of the policies provide you with a daily cover for expenses like food and commute.

Now you must be aware that a health insurance policy has many added benefits and provides wide coverage. It is only due to your lack of knowledge that you were not able to get a hold of all the benefits.  Hence, it is always advisable to go through the scheme related documents carefully in order to get the maximum benefit.


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