Get Rid Of Cancer This World Cancer Day

Get Rid Of Cancer This World Cancer Day


One of the best things you can do is being committed to the cause of ‘Human Development’. Every year, the 4th of February is upheld as ‘World Cancer Day’. A day to mark the fight against diseases and funding the cure for a world free of Cancer and many other diseases.

Did you know that over 9.6 million people die of cancer each year, globally? That is a staggering number and one of the prime reason why being committed to a cause that funds the research and medical breakthrough to eradicate cancer.

The campaign theme for World Cancer Day 2019 is #IAMAndIWill. ‘I am and I will’ is a theme set for 2019-2021 to mobilize action to make a personal commitment to eradicating cancer globally. This is one of the reasons you can be more inspired and active driven by this multi-year initiative.

This is where our financial wellbeing is a vital factor to establish access to cancer diagnosis and treatment to everyone. No matter where you live or who you are, Cancer insurances are geared to help you have access to health care. Financial sectors fund and press governments to mobilize the fight against cancer and our goal to be part of this commitment is our way to join forces.

Things That Can Be Done?

We believe that when we make the changes on our personal levels, we create a ripple effect of positive decisions in lifestyle. The things we can all do to join forces against Cancer are;

Give up Smoking – Tobacco is the single biggest cause for cancer globally.

Give up the Sugar – The sugary pastries and soda sweetened beverages are key agents are causing cancer. Limiting sugar would be one of the biggest positive steps you take.

The Sun is Not Your Friend – Yes you need Vitamin D. But, also, you need to moderately avoid the sun from 10 am to 3 pm.

Cancer Vaccinations are Available – Remember there are many kinds of cancer. So, contacting your local physician to advise you on the kinds of cancer vaccinations that apply to you would be a good place to start

Salt and Stomach Cancer – Chances are you may be risking stomach cancer is you intake lots of salt. The average safe measurement of daily salt intake should not cross 5g.

Red Meat is known to Cause Cancer – Colorectal cancers are linked to processed red meat and bacon and sausages. Move on to beans, lentils, soya for that matter. Limiting red meat intake month can help you fight against cancer.


What You Can Do?

Visit and sign up however you can. You can write a blog, you can share their Anti-Cancer Tool Kit far and white. While you get the message out you should know that one-third of the common cancers are preventable. Just by understanding cancer.

Financial investments can potentially shape how we approach cancer. Cancer insurances are geared to provide treatment coverage and build a society where we are cancer educated and ready to battle against this disease.

So, making sure you are cancer ready and have the access to all treatment and facilities is a vital wellbeing trait. You can always start with something small and then help others to converse and be inspired by the journey.



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