How Financial Planning helps to get your child future goals

How Financial Planning helps to get your child future goals

How Financial Planning helps to get your child future goals

PTIC INDIA’s main goal is to provide good finance and investment-related services to their customers. Here we will describe how Financial Planning helps to get your child future goals.
As a parent, you always dream to see your child’s success in whichever career they opt for in their lives. And to help them succeed, you provide them all the facilities. Starting with the best education so that they can achieve their career goals timely and in a right way.

However, with today’s rising education costs, in reality, it is tough for many parents to pay for the best education. What if you fall short of money when you actually need to invest in your child’s higher education? What if something happens to you in the middle of the way and your child’s education get stuck? To take care of such situations, proper financial planning towards education goal is a must. PTIC INDIA is the most recommended financial planner in Delhi.

Why financial planning needed?

If you have not projected the amount you will be needing at the time of paying higher education’s fee of your child. The rising cost of education day by day can actually create tension. It is a cause of worry not only to you but also for your child in fulfilling the goal.

For example, Your children want to do an MBA course from a premier college today. This course will cost you nearly around Rs 10 lakh on an average. At an inflation rate of 9% for education, this amount would increase to Rs 60 lakh after 20 years. This is when actually your child will enter for the regular MBA studies.

Experts say parents always wish the best for their children right from the minute they step into the world. Be it the best clothes, best food, and best education. Parents go out of their way to make it happen. However, invariably, the rising cost of education has become a major cause of worry for parents. So financial planning for children has become an absolute necessity.

In addition, some of the survey reports conducted in India:

-> In India, 87% parents want to support their children in education and feel that higher degree is important.

-> 77% parents would consider having their children study abroad at either undergraduate or postgraduate level.

-> 81% parents are unaware of the cost of higher education in the future and hence are not saving enough.

-> Number of people who have taken actions is less than 24%.

How Financial Planning helps to get your child future goals?

Once you have planned your child’s education then start implementing it. Purchase the right insurance plan having the right amount of sum assured and investing opportunity. So as to provide your child a proper umbrella of protection to safeguard your child’s future. Also, since the tenure is for long-term, you can start investing in mutual fund. This way you can create a good corpus ensuring to get high monetary benefit in fulfilling your child’s dream.

For example, If you start saving Rs 5000 every month in an equity scheme. Which can give an average return of 12%. It will help you generate a corpus of approximately Rs 50 lakh after 20 years.

Sanjeev Panwar said that with the help of some careful forward planning, parents can ensure that they are saving enough for themselves. While also making sure that they can give to their child, the full array of options for education.

“At PTIC INDIA – Financial Planner in Delhi, we believe that starting early, having clear goals and dedicated savings are the three key factors. These factors can help parents plan for their children’s education needs. We believe in partnering parents by offering not just an insurance solution but a holistic package that will not only help them to plan their child’s future but also help in identifying & nurture the unique traits that their child exhibits,” Parul Sakhuja said.


Therefore, it is must have few but good financial products in your investment basket while constructing the portfolio towards your child education goal. Hence, investing in child’s ULIP plan and equity mutual fund can help you achieve this goal, however, reviewing of the plan should also be done on a periodic basis to achieve this specific goal successfully in long–run.

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