Buying student travel insurance in India is more cost-effective


Buying student travel insurance in India is more cost-effective

If you are a student, want to study abroad and looking forward to a great career ahead. Then you are in the right place. Securing admission in abroad isn’t simple, nor is it simply getting ready for it. As the travel dates come near, one thing you have to plan for is the vulnerabilities related to travel and life abroad. We will tell you some important facts about buying student travel insurance in India is more cost-effective.

Protect your Health:

This is everything you need to understand especially about healthcare. If you are going to foreign, medical services can be extremely costly out there. In India, a doctor’s visit cost Rs 100 to 500, but in foreign it cost from Rs 5000 to 15000 per visit. Not treating yourself in time, it will lead your hospitalization. Which will even cost a few lakhs rupee in abroad. Here comes the student Travel Insurance, which will protect you financially and away from the diseases abroad.

Comprehensive Medical Protection:

Student Travel Insurance comes with lots of other inclusions as well. Some of the more specific coverage are:

– In-patient and out-patient care,
– Coverage for medical evacuation to India,
– Compassionate travel for one or more family members to visit you in case you fall seriously ill,
– Coverage from pre-existing medical conditions,
– Accident insurance covering medical bills on hospitalization, disability, and death,
– Cover for expenses on cancer checks, mammography, etc.

Journey and stay related cover:

There are some additional benefits of Student Travel Insurance Plans in India. They could be especially important during your journey; such as cover for lost baggage, cover for the lost passport, cover for delayed baggage or a missed connecting flight, etc.

During your stay, you should definitely ensure that you are covered for personal liability as well. You might just be breaking a rule without knowing about it. The benefit of personal liability is paid to cover expenses due to injury to a third person or his/her property. e.g. an accident because of your fault, where you may have to pay thousands of US dollars (lakhs of rupees) as compensation.

Student-specific benefits:

Here is a list of student-specific benefits of Student Travel Insurance Plans:

Sponsorship Protection: If any uncertainties happen to your Sponsor. The insurance company reimburses you the Tuition Fee incurred for the remaining period of education.
Study Interruption or Tuition-fee Waiver: Provides reimbursement of unused tuition fees if you are not able to continue your studies. Because of a disease or illness or because of medical repatriation; for the remaining part for which Tuition has been paid.
Bail Bond: If you get into trouble with the law, or are falsely arrested or detained by the police. This could be important in countries which are prone to street violence or have rampant lawlessness.



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