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Seeking for a consultancy to handle your finances being an NRI?

The solution is within us. PTIC is a consultancy firm that helps NRIs to manage their money. With our help, your investments and transactions are simplified even when are you are in a foreign country.

Enjoy the experience

With PTIC, you will enjoy the whole process of investments. You can be at any place in the world, at any point in time and still manage your finances with us.

Various instrument measures

We have a variant range of investment measures specially devised for our NRI clients.

Dedicated team

Our team of professionals will give you all the latest market drifts and all the updated information.

Your investments won’t sink

It is not far from one’s reach that India is a growing and developing the economy. Even for the NRIs, the country has become a developing hub of investment. The emerging value of rupee gives the validation of the fact. The mutual fund market, stock exchange, and all the other affiliated industries are growing at a very great pace thus lending the NRI investors incredible and safe returns from the equity as well as the debt markets.

All this adds to the advantages of investing in India so as to optimize sufficient wealth. You will find a number of companies where you could invest in your money and get satisfactory returns. However, we understand that it is a tedious job of finding such companies where you can invest and thus we are there to assist you in this work. With our consultancy, you would gain knowledge of where you should fund your money. Our experts help you to properly protect your investments so that you get the maximal return.

The right choice for you

PTIC is the best NRI consultancy that can help you in your investment plans. Here is a look of why it is so:

  • One halt for all needs- PTIC serves all, from high risking income investments to fixed income investments. We give you a deep detail on where you should invest and where not. Which should be your avenue and why it should be. We torch you the path towards the best investing companies as well.
  • Analysis of your investments- our team of experts continuously make a research on which is the best market to invest in and also lets you know the latest updates in the economy of the country. We will also provide you with regular analysis reports of your investments with the help of our specialized services.
  • Personalized advisors- our advisors are very professional in their work and will guide you very well as to where you should invest in your wealth. Our consultancy provides you personal guide who assists you in your investment and funding. We help you understand your risk profile, choose your investment instrument so that you are well involved in your investment. Our
    services help you tackle your finances efficiently.

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